Allods Online – Pimp My Build v5


Hi, my character is a Caster Healer named Fringilla. I’m a proud member of Szkarłatna Nawałnica, the oldest Polish guild on former ISA server. My role in the party depends on other members of the team, I can be DPS and Healer with my build. I like my Caster Healer build because it allows me to earn money faster then Full Healer and still be useful in the astral even when I’m the only member healing.


  • For caster healer this patch brought very unpleasant surprise for my build. Heavenly Smite cast time was reduced, but now it has long cooldown which makes this skill unusable as a main farming skill. I can’t gather group of monsters with Cleansing Flame and then smite them two or three times with Heavenly Smite. This is very painful loss, because till this patch I was able to kill ten mobs at the same time and maintain my HP at reasonable level.
  • Other change that affected my class was stat purpose switch and changes in aspects. My volume 4 build was based on Luck and Faith, cause Perception was useful only in DPS. Perception was based on Faith in Aspect of Light, this dependency is now is removed.
  • As a positive change I find gaining Fanaticism in Aspect of Mercy when me or any of party members in 50 yards radius takes damage. This solution makes Fanaticism trigger more often than before. I don’t have to spam Refreshing Light or Devoted Plea to gain Fanaticism any more.
  • Other positive change was made to Blessed Resolution rubies. Which makes Heavenly Blast and Celestial Judgment more powerful skill.
  • Also gaining Frenzy effect when using Heavenly Blast and Celestial Judgment is very nice surprise. Till now this effect was gained by using not Fanaticism related skill while being under Fanaticism effect.


My build is based on Luck, Fanaticism and Frenzy. Luck give me high chance to deal critical hit, Fanaticism allows use certain spells instantly and Frenzy makes my primary DPS skills cast instantly for certain amount of time.

My build consists from 62 talent points of all 67 available and 47 rubies of 58.

I prepared few versions of my build. that which I’m presenting is my current build. It’s PvE oriented, but it still can keep up in PvP. It’s my favorite version with current amount of rubies and talent points that I have.


Luck Try to keep more than 50% to get more critical Hits. Endurance  Try to get 75% or higher chance to receive glancing bow.
Wisdom  15% should be enough Perception  Under 15% should be enough.
Faith As high as possible. More mana more fun. Intelligence  Keep as high as possible.


Holy Blast – Rank 3 recommended. Rank 2 minimum. Main DPS skill at low levels. It also helps you to enter Fanaticism and Frenzy state.
Cleansing Flame – Rank 2 is optional if you have enough talent points. This is basic skill of most Full Healers and it’s weak in this build.
Particle of Light – Rank 2 is enough. This is our second DPS skill. Used only in state of Fanaticism, because of no cast time then.
Devoted Plea – Rank 2 is enough. At lower levels this is our main healing spell. At high levels it’s used to spam tank with it.

Master of Aspects – Rank 2 is the only rank you need. First rank gives you Aspect of Light which is helpful in fight and Aspect of Mercy which is used in healing.
Heavenly Smite – Rank 2 at best. This skill is used to inflict decent damage and knock down enemies in range. Holy Shield – Rank 3 required. This is our life saver. Allows to avoid all damage for 10 seconds, which allow us to heal safely.
Perpetual Healing – Rank 3 is also a must have spell. It heals friendly target over time. This should always protect you Tank. It doesn’t have cool down time under Aspect of Mercy. Divine Prayer – Rank 3 is definitely one of most powerful healing spells in our arsenal. It doesn’t have cast time under Aspect of Mercy.
Purification – Rank 1. We should not bother with higher rank. This skill removes one negative effect from friendly target at all ranks. Only cool down decrease. Nice to have, but not used often in PvE and in PvP you may not have time to use it. Holy Rejuvenation – Rank 3, most powerful healing spell before unlocking Holy Healing. Low mana cost, instant cast under Fanaticism effect and a lot of power. If you think about being able to heal at astral or on battleground you must have it.
Celestial Judgement – Rank 3. It’s max rank depends on Holy Blast. At end game this is you source of DPS power. Combined with appropriate rubies it can do astonishing damage to your victims. Refreshing Light – Rank 2. It’s max rank depends on Devoted Plea. Like it’s weaker version this is used to spam your tank with life force.
Holy Healing – Rank 3 is definitely most powerful healing spell. It’s your main healing spell at end game. Maximum rank depends on Holy Rejuvenation. When in sate of Fanaticism it’s instant. It’s also cheap in mana.

Class and unlocked Skills

Tenesess’ Shield – Class skill granted for completing “The Initiation Ritual” quest which allows you to absorb some amount of damage. It’s not as useful as it cold be, but still it can protect you and give you time to heal yourself. Sacred Word – Granted for completing “The Kanian Rebellion” quest. It inflicts a lot of damage to demons and makes them stay in on place during cast time. It can be used on any opponent if you chose right rubies.
Gift of Tenesess – Granted for completing “The Power of Light” quest. It allows to resurrect single friendly player once per twenty hours. Heavenly Miracle – Granted for completing “The batle for the Holy Land” quest. Resurrect all party members in range with minimal amount of health and energy or mana. no cool down time.

Rubies – Holy Blast

Deep Concentration – Rank 3 reduces cool down time on Holy Shield by 45% and allows to switch aspect cheaper and with reduced cool down time by 75%. This is very useful on PvP and in PvE when you need to switch quickly between aspects.
Holy Flame – Rank 3 increase damage of Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement by 15% while you are in Aspect of Light. Rank 2 is a must have for a caster. Rank 3 is on our way to Frenzy.
Angelic Grace – Rank 1 decrease mana cost of Holy Blast, Celestial Judgement, Devoted Plea and Refreshing Light by 5%, at rank 2 10% and at rank 3 15%. I resigned from Rank 3 of this ability in favor of Divine Infusion. This was a hard choice, but it paid of. If you have a spear rubies, this is what you should invest in.
Power of the Pure – Rank 3 is a must have for any healer which heals or use Holy spells to deal damage. Rank 3 increase damage by 9% for all Holy spells. Circle of Healing – Very powerful instant group healing spell which heals all party members within 20 yards radius. It’s power is comparable to Holy Rejuvenation.
Frenzy – Rank 3. This build is based on this ability. When you enter state of Frenzy, you can cast Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement instantly for 3 to 20 seconds with mana cost reduced by 70%. State of Frenzy has a 15% chance to be removed while using Holy Blast or Celestial Judgement. This ability allows Caster Healer to generate massive damage. Light’s Generosity – Rank 2 if you have a spare ruby you can consider rank 3. This ability increase damage of Particle of Light by 6% per rank. They are useful but at first I only took those to get to the bottom of the tree.
Blessed Resolution – Rank 3 is a must have for this build. It increase critical damage by 425% of Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement each 15 seconds. You actually can take down opponent in one hit thanks to this ability. Righteous Fervor – Rank 3 increase critical strike chance of Holy Blast, Celestial Judgement, Devoted Plea and Refreshing Light by 100% of current critical strike chance. This allows you to keep your luck a bit lower and still have a high chance to inflict critical damage or healing. Those also are a must have rubies.
Entreaty – This is your life saver. It always have instant cast time and heals only you. Healing power is comparable to Divine Prayer. It also reduces your threat. The only requirement is that you must be in Aspect of Light or Aspect of Mercy. Unbridled Wrath – Rank 3. Each time you cast Holy Blast or Celestial Judgement you will receive 1 stack of Unbridled Wrath for each rank of this ability. Each stack increase chance to enter state of Frenzy by 1%. Rank 2 is a must have for a caster which depends on Frenzy.
Unshakeable Faith – Rank 4. Each rank increase your Faith by 3%. There is only one ruby of this ability on this tree.

Rubies – Verdict

Unbending Will – Rank 3, each rank increase chance to enter state of Fanaticism by 5%. This is only useful ability in this tree for Caster or Full Healer.

Rubies – Cleansing Flame

Valiant Guardian – Rank 2. This ability increase your Willpower by 5% per rank. Additionally at rank 2 it allows you to put mark on a target by using Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement and use Sacred Word even if target is not a demon. Very useful ability, that allows to control any vulnerable to control spells enemy both in PvP an PvE.
True Faith – Rank 3. Increase power of Holy Rejuvenation and Holy Healing by 30% and decrease cool down time of Divine Prayer. It’s a Must have for any healing healer.
Unshakeable Faith – Rank 4. Each rank increase your Faith by 3%. There are three ruby of this ability on this tree. Divine Foresight – Skill which places buff on a friendly target that will restore some amount health after it drops below 35%. This buff should always be placed on your tank. Or your self if fighting solo. It will not heal up to full health, but can buy you a lot of time in critical situations.
Illuminated Mind – Rank 3. Increase your Wisdom by 3% per rank. This is also a must have rubies for healing.
Enlightenment – Rank 3. This is more optional, but very recommended. Each rank will increase your intelligence by 3%. Divine Infusion – Rank 2 increase critical strike chance of Cleansing Flame and Perpetual Healing by 66% of current critical strike chance (Rank 3 gives 100%). Since I intend to heal on astral voyages I decided to sacrifice Angelic Grace for this rubies. This also made me increase Cleansing Flame to Rank 2.

Play style

My play style differs on situation that I’m in. When I play as a DPS usually when doing quests, earning gold or in a party when there is other healer I choose Aspect of Light and use Celestial Judgment, Particle of Light, Cleansing Flame and occasionally Heavenly Smite and Sacred Word to deal damage. Also I heal from time to time using instant healing spells. Fight with groups of mobs now require some target switching, but it’s doable. First gather group of enemies on you using Cleansing Flame, While they are running to you, rotate targets and treat them with Celestial Judgment and Particle of Light. When they get close and you still doesn’t have a Frenzy on you, use Heavenly Smite and start rotating targets and use Celestial Judgment and Particle of Light. If you get Frenzy before they get to you… they probably will not make it, just spam enemy with Celestial Judgment, if they do treat them with Heavenly Smite. In a party as a main healer, I choose Aspect of Mercy and my main priority is tank, as my healing abilities are weaker then those of a Full Healer’s. If I have spare Fanaticism effect on me I also heal other members, then my priority after tank is main DPS or lowest health. If my mana pool is high I also try to move my self to best point and fire up Circle of Healing. While entering fight with boss I try to put Divine Foresight on tank and wait until cool down time is less then, a minute. This way I can recast it on a tank during fight if he lost it. Remember also that Perpetual Healing must be active on tank at all times. It’s not that powerful like in Full Healer has, but it can by you some time. Here are some tips grouped into three sections:


  • Move.
  • Try to make use of all your abilities.
  • Always try to have a potion of luck or intelligence on you.
  • Try t always be equipped with Aqua Vitae.
  • Heal your self with instant spells. Try Entreaty first.
  • Put a help and out of mana emoticon on your bar. It’s faster to click then write it on a chat.
  • Always be prepared to change your aspect.
  • Use Holy Shield to remove some of negative effects (not all can be removed)

Aspect of Light (Fighting)

  • Move and keep your distance from an enemy. Especially melee enemy.
  • Start a fight with Cleansing Flame.
  • Try to have a backup Fanaticism effect on you. It can save your life (Instant cast of Holy Healing)
  • Use Sacred Word on enemies not immune to control effects just after using Celestial Judgment on them. (Tell party/raid members that you are pinning down that enemy)
  • Don’t waste any second of Frenzy. Spam Celestial Judgment on everything that moves 😀
  • Use Heavenly Smite only on groups of enemies.

Aspect of Mercy (Healing)

  • Again move and keep your distance from enemy, but don’t go too far. You still have healing to do.
  • Put Divine Foresight on tank.
  • Tank should always be under Perpetual Healing effect.
  • Keep an eye on your own health bar. This should prevent party wipe. 😀
  • Use Circle of Healing as a last resort in long fights.


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